10 Teas for Common Health Concerns

10 teas for common health concerns | Wicked Spatula

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It’s no secret that I love tea. I drink an average of 4-6 cups a day and wish I had a constant source of hot water throughout the day. If I’m battling something health wise the first thing I do is turn to tea (and bone broth but that’s another post for another day). 

Tea is free of calories, fat, sodium, carbonation or sugar, which is perfect for the Paleo lifestyle. It also helps maintain your bodies fluid balance and will keep you from feeling bloated. Tea also contains flavonoids, a naturally occurring compound that has antioxidant properties. Flavonoids provide bioactive compounds that help to neutralize free radicals which are known to damage elements in the body. Tea has been used for thousands of years in every culture to treat and prevent a number of ailments.  Take a look at these studies:

  • One study found that women who consumed 2.5 cups of tea per day had a 60% reduction in rectal cancer risk, compared with women who drank less than 1.2 cups of tea daily. {1}
  • An additional study found tea drinkers to have an approximate 42% reduced risk of colon cancer compared to non-tea drinkers. {2}
  • One study showed that participants who drank iced black tea and citrus peel had a 42% reduced risk of skin cancer. {3}
  • A Harvard study found that those who drank a cup or more of black tea per day had a 44% reduced risk of heart attack. In a large population based study, adults who drank just over two cups of green tea per day reduced their risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 22-23%. {4}

There’s TONS of more studies out there but you get the gist…tea is good for you. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite teas for some common health concerns. Minus the pregnancy and I can vouch for every one of these. Take my word for the pregnancy one though, my pregnant friends swear by it! 

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