Dairy Free Alaska King Crab Bisque

Dairy Free Alaska King Crab Bisque - 20 minutes from start to finish! | wickedspatula.com

Huge thanks to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for sponsoring this post! 

The weather the past week or so has been dreary and rainy. The kind of weather that makes you want to curl up with a warm cup of soup, wool socks, a soft blanket, and a good book. I had the latter three taken care of but I needed that warm cup of soup. Enter this Dairy Free Alaska King Crab Bisque. Hello gorgeous. 

I’ve had a few delicious bowls or crab bisque before so I decided it was time to make a Paleo/dairy free version. This soup is a mashup between a classic bisque and a curry. There’s no curry powder or paste in the soup but the coconut milk gives it a hint of sweetness that we all know curry to have. …

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